From Spikes to Spindles (2020)

This raw, gutsy portrait of New York's Chinatown captures the early days of an emerging consciousness in the community. We see a Chinatown rarely depicted, a vibrant community whose young and old join forces to protest police brutality and racial discrimination. Presenting stories of Chinatown residents, this film paints an overview of the community and its history, from the early laborers driving spikes into the transcontinental railroad to the garment workers and organizers. FROM SPIKES TO SPINDLES was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Christine Choy and a newly remastered version is now available.


Invisible Seams (2022)

Invisible Seams tells the stories of eight different Asian seamstresses and pattern-makers in New York, painting an intimate portrait of their diverse backgrounds, how they interconnect and together weave the fabric of the New York Fashion industry. Through the lens of Director Jia Li (Spicy Village), the documentary short celebrates the lives of these fascinating and talented women through their own voice and stories.



Born in Vietnam, Made in American: Thai Nguyen Designer

Thai Nguyen (2020)


Header image: Chinese-American actress Peg O'Wing, 1915Source: Library of Congress